Best U Lock For Electric Scooters

Best U Lock For Electric Scooters

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May 4, 2022
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Electric scooters are fun. Environment-conscious, easy to maintain, and the next generation friendly. So it should come as no surprise that electric scooters are gaining their fair share of acknowledgment and appreciation. Maybe a little too much of it. Considering that electric scooters are also lightweight and very convenient to transport. Especially by those who don’t own it. IF you’re looking for locks for E scooter, You should consider buying a U lock. U locks are heavy and easily available. Therefore, getting the Best U Lock For Electric Scooters is a must.

And we’ve got you there. This article will explore some of the best U locks available in the market that no Alohomora can help unlock. My apologies, I am an ardent Potterhead, and it shows. A lot. FYI, alohomora is a spell to unlock things.

Several you locks exist, and we have tried compiling a list that is as versatile as it is guaranteed to guard your scooter. So without any further delay, let’s get to the list.

Best U Locks For Electric Scooters

A U-lock or D-lock both mean the same thing. It varies according to the angle from which you are viewing the lock, or your preference of one letter over the other is the most secure type of traditional lock for scooters. The U or D-locks hold the Sold Secure Gold ratings. They essentially refer to a hardened steel shackle. You secure it around your scooter and another sturdy object. Preferably one that has less to zero chance of being yanked loose.

1. The Kryptonite New York LS

The Kryptonite New York LS: Best U Locks For Electric Scooters

The strongest and most widely trusted U-lock on this list, the Kryptonite New York LS, is the best of the best. 

An amazing lock that has its due recognition awarded to it is known for its strength and durability. 

The New-U New York Lock LS is supposed to be a larger variant of the New York Standard. We will be looking at the New York Standard in a while. The shackle of this lock measures 4″ x 10.24″, which is 10.2cm x 26cm. This makes the shackle much longer than its other variants.

This extra shackle space makes it appealing to those who wish to secure more than one bike at any given period. It also makes it easier to chain them outdoors without worrying about chaining them too close.

The Kryptonite New York LS comes with three stainless steel keys during its purchase. One of the selling features of this lock is that it contains a bright LED light that is invaluable when unlocking the bike in the dark. 

The shackle width is 16mm, rendering it impossible to cut.


Extra room for locking

LED Key fob

Lifetime warranty


No mount


Has a lesser compact design.

2. Kryptonite New-U New York Lock Standard

Kryptonite New-U New York Lock Standard

The Kryptonite New York LS Lock sibling, the Kryptonite New-U New York Lock Standard, is a much more modest version. This beautiful Kryptonite New York Standard lock is rated at a 9/10 by the standards of Kryptonite for its security. 

If you are looking for a much more extra ultra-safe lock, you need to go for the LS. But this is a comparatively cheaper version of the same, that has most of the bells and whistles as the one mentioned above.

This D lock has a 16mm hardened shackle that promises maximum performance. This steel shackle will not disappoint you and cannot be cut by electric or hand-powered tools. Rest be assured. 

This 16mm shackle is considered to be bolt cutter proof. So you can sleep safe and sound, knowing no one will be successful in taking away your precious electric scooter.


Double deadbolt shackle

Sliding dust cover

Lifetime warranty


Has thicker shackle alternatives.

3. DINOKA Heavy Duty U-Lock

DINOKA Heavy Duty U-Lock

The DINOKA BKL242412 is yet another wonderful U-lock with its set of loyal customers who swear by it. This is a double-opening head, making it very coveted. This is because double-opening heads are rare to find in U-locks. 

This feature makes it much more difficult for those who wish to wipe away your vehicle. So point one for us. Since they would have to break open or cut the locks on both sides, the whole thieving process is a lot more challenging.

The DINOKA Heavy Duty U-lock is made using a solid zinc alloy. It also comes with a braided 1200mm steel cable that provides additional security. 

The DINOKA u-lock furthermore comes with a 4ft cable lock. This length is sufficient to join two or more e-scooters together. All of the mentioned features make the DINOKA a highly durable lock.


Double-opening head 

Contains braided steel cable

Made of zinc alloy material



4. Amazer U-Lock

Amazer U-Lock

Like its name, the Amazer U-lock is a one-f-a-kind lock that must be featured in every list of best bike locks. This is due to a simple design that is as effective as it is efficient.

One of the cheapest electric scooter locks, it is perhaps the most wallet-friendly lock included on this list. If you are situated in a fairly safe neighborhood and do not park your vehicle in unknown places, the Amazer U-lock should more than suffice. 

The shackle in this Amazer U-lock is made of 12mm performance alloy steel, zinc, polycarbonate, and PVC coating. This combination of metals makes this lock sturdy and durable. 


Easy combination



5. Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7

Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7

The Kryptonite New-U Evolution Mini 7 is a highly popular lock because it retains its place as one of the highest-rated bike locks for years. 

A Kryptonite product, it lives up to its brand name. This electric scooter lock is smaller than its counterparts, with a dimension of 8.3 x 3 x 17.8 centimeters.

It features a 13mm hardened steel shackle that promises the highest range of performance you can expect. This steel shackle resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks. So yes, it is very, very safe.

It also includes a 4’ KRYPTOFLEX double loop cable. This cable helps secure the front wheel or accessories, making it further safe and secure.

It has a rotating dust cover that protects it and a reinforced cuff over the crossbar and cylinder for added security. The Mini 7 also features a double deadbolt mechanism for extra security. 


Center keyway

Double Deadbolt



Shackle width is less.

Buying Guide For Best U Lock For Electric Scooters

ULock is a heavy, thick U-shaped metal ring that connects a bicycle or electric scooter to a bicycle rack or pole. A U-shaped metal is attached to the crossbar to secure the escort. It looks like the letter D. That’s why others call it an electric scooter d-lock.

1. Buy A U-Lock that Fits

U-lock is named after its shape and consists of a U-shaped shackle that snaps onto a straight crossbar. The  U-lock is very different in terms of security. Some U-locks can be cut with a bolt cutter in seconds, while others can resist power tools.  

A quality u-lock is made of hardened steel and is heavy, usually about 2kg. They have thick shackles and crossbars. The Ulock comes in a variety of sizes. 

Some have long shackles to make it easier to attach the scooter to hard-to-reach items. However, these are safer, and you should buy the shortest shackle that fits your scooter.

Determine secure locking points

You need to get yourself a lock that will seamlessly fit your scooter. To properly size the lock, you need to look around the scooter to determine a safe lock point. 

Safe lock points are made of sturdy materials or fasteners that cannot be easily loosened or broken.  Bulky scooters may require larger locks to allow them to slip through the scooter and reach a fixed point (such as a pole or bike rack). The best places to lock on a scooter are around the stem, folding mechanism, and carrying handle.

2. Lock it to something Static

Secure the scooter to a permanent fixture or structure fixed to the ground or is not easily portable. The attachment must not be usable by a thief to lift or dismantle the scooter.  Aluminum or steel stanchions, bike racks, stair rails, and high signs are the safest. Do not choose metal fences, as metal fences are often thin enough to be cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to lock an electric scooter?

The best way to get your electric scooter securely locked is to use a U-lock and fasten it to a tangible fixture such as a bike or a metal fence.

2. Which U lock is best for a scooter?

The best lock one could purchase for their scooter is the one that fits. To properly size a lock, the rider has to look at the scooter and identify secure locking points. This list contains some of the safest and most highly rated.  

3. How do you prevent electric scooter theft?

Lock the scooter. This is an obvious step. Use a properly fitted and working anti-theft device. Keep it under CCTV surveillance.

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