How Much Does a Hoverboard Weigh? Weight Limit For Hoverboard

How Much Does a Hoverboard Weigh? Weight Limit For Hoverboard

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April 28, 2022
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Planning to buy a hoverboard, I am sure you must have cross-checked all the specifications like battery life, speed range, and other safety features. 

But do you know how much a hoverboard weighs? 

If you’re new and going to ride hoverboard for the first time, It is an important question because you might need to carry it in your arms sometimes due to low battery issues or want to take it when going to college. 

Moreover, choose a hoverboard which can carry your weight. As different brands have their maximum weight limit for their hoverboards

In this in-depth article, I have covered the most commonly asked questions about the hoverboard weight and which ones can be the best option for you. 

So without any further ado, let’s start. 

How heavy is A hoverboard

 How Much Does a Hoverboard Weigh?

Many people wonder, while all hoverboards look more and less like a skateboard, why they are different weight options. Well, it is a genuine question. 

The answer is simple: depending on the features they provide, carrying capacity, and the purpose for which they are designed, there are different size and weight options. 

The average weight of most hoverboards is nearly 25 lbs (11 kilograms). So not a big deal for adults. 

That said, for children, light weighing models hoverboards of 19-20 lbs are the ideal choice. 

Further, for those interested in adventures and climbing long terrains, off-road hoverboards are perfect for these conditions, as they come with bigger wheels, and a heavy-duty body and are bulkier than normal hoverboards. 

Although weight is a vital factor, it doesn’t mean that it will negatively affect the speed.

Usually, we assume that heavy hoverboards might not reach the fast speed as light ones do. But it is not the thumb rule. You will find some hoverboards that weigh more than regular models but perform better even from lighter variants.

Importance Of Being Well-Informed About How Much Does a Hoverboard Weigh?

Neglecting the weight of hoverboards while choosing the one for yourself is the sure-fire way to make a blunder decision.

There are many reasons why you should keep an eye on the hoverboard’s weight, and some are as follows: 

1.  Even though it is the latest transportation technology, there can be situations when you need to carry it around. 

2. Some might take their hoverboard to travel to school, and while attending different classes, you can’t ride on the school premises. So you have to hold it along.

3. In the worst case your hoverboard’s battery can run out of charge, and again it’s tedious to bring it home.

4. In addition, you are planning to go on a vacation or camping and want to carry your hoverboard.

5. Lastly, you are purchasing a hoverboard for your child. It’s important to ensure the hoverboard is light enough for him to carry it.

Honestly, there are many occasions which are unpredictable, where the only option is to carry your hoverboard in your arms.

So it’s always recommended to check the weight of the hoverboards before making a selection to prevent any future hassle in the long run.

Now you must have understood why hoverboard weight matters. The next question you might be wondering about is what are the factors affecting the weight of hoverboards.


Factors Deciding The Weight Of the Hoverboards and Weight Limit For Hoverboard 

The Materials Used To Construct The Hoverboard

First things first, different brands prefer to manufacture their balance scooters for both middle-range and premium budgets. 

Accordingly, the weight of the materials and components placed in the device differs. 

The majority of the manufacturers rely on Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) polymer, aluminium alloy, plastic frames, rubber tires and foot space for hoverboard construction.

The Hoverboard’s Size And Design

Whether you want a hoverboard for off-road trips or commute to local areas, there are different models of sizes and designs available. 

Compared to regular hoverboards, off-road models are designed with high power motors, bigger wheels, and large frames making them heavier.

If you want to add up extra protection, hoverboards with built-in wings and bumpers are the viable option. Naturally, it will increase the weight.

Another inevitable factor is the size of the wheels and tires that affects the hoverboard’s weight.

It’s a no-brainer that bigger wheels and tires will add more weight than the smaller wheels and tires.

Bigger tires and wheels are often placed in Off-road hoverboards as it is especially for riding difficult terrains and requires heavy rugged surfaces.

In addition, bigger tires are accompanied by bigger motors resulting in adding more hoverboard weight.

The Battery Pack And Housing

The form of the battery pack and housing is the crucial part of deciding the weight of a hoverboard. 

Reputed brands prefer to house well-protected battery enclosures in the hoverboards to ensure an additional cover of safety layer to prevent any damage on the road. 

Without a doubt, such measures are much appreciated but they might increase the weight of the hoverboard. 

Hoverboard Features & Customization.

For the best riding experience, you can customize the hoverboard features as per your preference. 

For instance, add-on features such as Bluetooth speakers, a GPS tracker, LED lights, and bumpers, surely affect the hoverboard’s load. 

Hoverboard With Highest Weight Limit?

  1. Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Off-Road Hoverboard
  2. XPRIT 8.5″ Wheel Hoverboard
  3. EpikGo Classic

The Bottom Line 

I hope you found this article informative and you’re ready to answer any question related to the weight of hoverboards and the reasons behind them. 

To sum it up, the average weight of a hoverboard is 11.30 kg or 25 lbs and a adult hoverboard can actually carry weight up-to 100Kgs or 220 Lbs . 

There are several factors both internal and external, that affect the weight of the hoverboard. Like wheel and tire size, design, build material, bumpers are external and Bluetooth speakers, GPS trackers, and LED lights are internal. The more customization you do with your hoverboard, the more weight it will add.

Keep in mind that your body weight will decide which hoverboard is the right choice. Crossing the weight limit, can slow down the speed, result in accidents, and even break the board and all your hard-earned money in vain. 

I think you are well prepared to make a wise decision and purchase a hoverboard that is ideal for you.

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