Onewheel vs EUC? – Which one Should You Buy?

Onewheel vs EUC? – Which one Should You Buy?

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April 25, 2022
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Are you searching for Onewheel vs EUC? – Which one is better? If yes, you’re at the right place. 

First let me ask you some questions.

How many months are there in a year? 

Obviously, it’s twelve.

Which is the best month of the year?

Easy question, right? But if a group of people have to reply to this question, I’m sure hardly anyone will agree with the same answer. 

Unlike the first question, the second is subjective. As it is based on opinions, there is no fixed answer.

You understood my point. With Onewheel vs Unicycle, different people have their expectations from the device and accordingly, they consider which is the better option. 

Some may count the advantages of a unicycle such as speed, ease to carry, high range capabilities, and price. On the other hand, there can be arguments that Onewheel comparatively has a modern fancy look and provides a fun ride experience. 

The debate can last for hours and seems like a never-ending question. 

As the name suggests, they are high-tech one wheel devices designed to make your commuting fun and exciting. 

That said, there are some differences that you need to know before making a decision.

In this article, we will compare Onewheel vs EUCs and their features side by side to help you find the ideal option. 

What are EUCs?

EUCs stands for Electric Unicycles. Its high-end technology ensures a quick and safe ride is one of the most demanded single-wheeled devices. 


It comes with an in-built motor placed into the rim, powered by a rechargeable battery, and gyroscopes help maintain a stable balance. Initially, it requires practice to control the device as we are used to two-wheel cycles, but it’s worth trying. 

What is Onewheel?

A onewheel is the advanced version of normal skateboards but with a single wheel. 

Like Unicycles, Onewheels also operates on rechargeable batteries, carries an electric motor and has an internal gyroscope to balance the ride. 

One Wheel

Onewheel is known for its sleek design, and high speed, and the style of riding is very similar to skateboards.

Let’s move to the next section. 

OneWheel vs EUC – Which Should You Buy?

In Comparing OneWheel vs EUC, The main difference is Speed and Range. The Top speed of EUC is higher than One wheel and similarly EUC has more range than OneWheel. But there are other differences as well. Let’s have a detailed look.

1. Speed

First things first, one of the important decision-making factors is speed. It depends on your preferences how much speed you are expecting. Regarding the Electric Unicycle, the top speed it can deliver is 30 miles per hour, that’s quite amazing. In contrast, the maximum speed of a onewheel is nearly about 18-19 miles per hour. 

So in terms of speed in OneWheel vs EUC, the electric unicycle is the clear winner. 

2. Portability

The second criterion which you should consider is portability. You might need these devices in locations such as your college campus or while going for a vacation. So it’s a no brainer that while commuting from one location to another, the device must be easy to carry. 

Although both the devices pass this condition, the EUC with a trolley handle makes it comparatively more portable than the unicycle.

With these handles, riders can take their EUC wherever they like. While on the other side, Onewheel is designed in a way that requires more effort to carry it along and sometimes you may feel exhausted. 

So in terms of portability in EUC vs OneWheel, There is no clear winner

3. Safety

The point is both EUCs and Onewheelers work on self-balancing technology, and it’s something new for the riders, so there are safety concerns. Considering there must be some safety features to prevent any future accidents.

Let’s see what an electric unicycle provides you in terms of your riding safety.

To begin with, electric unicycles have audible alerts that notify the riders when they cross the speed limit. And especially for those who like to break the rules, there is an in-built tilt-back system to protect riders from crashing at high speed. 

On the flip side, OWs lack such features and only have a manual pushback in which the front of the device tilts up to prevent you from falling.

By now, it’s crystal clear the EUCs are the safest option you should opt for.

4. Range

Like any other vehicle, the range plays a key role in determining its usage. In simple words, it means how many miles can the device commute after a single charge. 

The thumb rule is the higher the range, the better it is. You won’t like to halt your journey every minute to charge the device, will you?

Depending on the brand, there can be a slight variation in the number. That said, with a single charge, the electric unicycle can travel up to 60 miles, whereas the onewheel lasts between 20 to 28 miles. 

Without a doubt, the winner is EUC. 

5. Ease of Riding

Moving forward, I agree that learning any new skill takes time, but it should not be a rocket science operation. Otherwise it

doesn’t matter how efficient the device is as the people will not be able to use it. 

A onewheel with its trolley handle makes it simple and easy to ride compared to an electric unicycle.

Although the learning curve in EUCs helps to increase your safety, it makes the operations complex and difficult to grasp.

6. Fun Experience

Honestly, we usually purchase a vehicle not for enjoyment but for the sole purpose of transportation. 

Moreover, some people may find it exciting to ride a onewheel, while some may not. 

For those who had a dream of riding a magical skateboard in their childhoods, they will resonate with the electric unicycles. 

So it’s a win-win situation for both the devices. 


1. What Are Electric Unicycles Legality Issues?

The legal validity of the EUCs differs from country to country and state to state. It can be confusing as there is no universal law which regulates electric unicycles globally. In the United States of America, some states consider a EUC the same as an ordinary bicycle. While some states have restricted zones where you can’t commute with a unicycle. And it is mandatory to wear a helmet while riding.

2. Can I Carry My Onewheel or EUC On a Plane?

It depends on the rechargeable batteries used in these devices. Either a lead-acid battery or a lithium-ion battery is used in electric unicycles and onewheels. According to regulations, it is allowed to fly with electric vehicles, but the battery should be less than the limits set by the Federal Aviation Administration, which is 160 Wh. Moreover, the airline still has the authority to reject you travelling with your EUC or Onewheel.

3. Which one is a more safe option – EUCs or Onewheel?

Looking at the safety features EUCs provide such as audible alerts, the learning curve, and the tilt-back system. They are indeed safer than a Onewheel.

4. Can I Modify Onewheel or EUC To Increase Speed? 

Technically, there are many possible methods to make them faster. That being said, first, it’s important to check where your state allows it and if yes what regulations you need to follow. Keep in mind that it’s not easy to control a wheeled device and especially increasing its speed makes it more challenging and dangerous.

5. Can Onewheel accidents lead to Death?

Yes, there have been tragic death incidents with both the electric unicycles and the onewheels. In Hawaii, a 40-year-old man lost control of EUC and died after a crash with a car. So, Yes, accidents can be lethal.

The Bottom Line 

Hope you found this article informative and helped you for making the final call. 

For those who scrolled directly to the conclusion, you need to read the full article to determine whether an electric unicycle or a Onewheel is the ideal option as per your preferences. 

To sum it all up, for those interested in high speed, good range, and more safety features, you should choose a EUC.

In terms of ease of use, Onewheel is the clear winner. 

Moreover, crosscheck the rules and regulations about the EUC and Onewheel before investing your hard-earned money in buying these vehicles.

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